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Worst night clubbing in years

There I was, really excited ‘cos I had found a night where I could see some of my heroes, Fabio and LTJ Bukem, play out together at Fabric. Noone would come with me, I hadn’t been clubbing for ages, and I was still hungover from the previous night.

I trekked over to Fabric about 12:15am after being served a steak that was way too cooked (Natalie got my rare one by mistake), and saw a huge queue. It looked like a 2 hour one, but could have been quicker if it had a constant flow. Memories of going raving at The Sanctuary, and not knowing how long it would take to get in came flooding back. This time, however it looked like the queue was bigger than capacity of the club, but it had been so long since I had been to Fabric, I wasn’t sure.

So I waited and waited amongst the drum and bass kids and original wideboy junglists determined to get in. Every so often a security guy would come out and say ‘it’s one in one out now’, ‘you’ve got about 2 hours from this spot’ (bearable), then ‘3 hours’ (uncomfortable but pretty hard to believe), then ‘4 hours’ (no way). So I left the queue after about 1.5 hours of waiting and moving 20 metres (because others left the queue), gutted that I missed out, but pleased that I hadn’t subjected any of my friends to the torment.

Then, I chose to pick up my bag from work and then find my way home based on’s journey planner which advised me of a 2 night-bus route (I didn’t want to waste any cash for a taxi) with some walking that should have amounted to a 1 hour journey back to Richmond.

2 hours, 2 night-buses, a lot of walking and a lot of rollies later, I arrived home as knackered as if I had been dancing all night but with none of the fun.

So, there’s another night on June 29th and I’ve got more interest for people to join me for that. My advice if you are going to join me, get some tickets in advance and get there a bit earlier than 12. I’m getting there for 11 this time.