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Ego vs. Empathy presentation at Sense

So there I was after a couple of days of some of the leading lights in User Experience presenting to and training my fellow User Experience peers at UX London. I had signed up to do a presentation/discussion in the evening of Tuesday 16th June around a subject that I am constantly thinking about – the balance of ego and empathy: what makes the best design?

I was quite scared (shitting it) because I was fudging together the presentation in-between loads of work and I knew it would be contentious to a User Experience audience.

I have uploaded a version of the slide deck here, but it doesn’t really represent the experience that those there had. Just imagine these points, with lots of swearing, some cheesy animations, better fonts, a drunk but passionate Jason.

Given the responses i got from people, I feel much better about the whole experience and like always, it was worth doing. I aim to evolve this with some more concrete examples, maybe some in-depth research (well, maybe not).