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Ego vs. Empathy presentation at Sense

So there I was after a couple of days of some of the leading lights in User Experience presenting to and training my fellow User Experience peers at UX London. I had signed up to do a presentation/discussion in the evening of Tuesday 16th June around a subject that I am constantly thinking about – the balance of ego and empathy: what makes the best design?

I was quite scared (shitting it) because I was fudging together the presentation in-between loads of work and I knew it would be contentious to a User Experience audience.

I have uploaded a version of the slide deck here, but it doesn’t really represent the experience that those there had. Just imagine these points, with lots of swearing, some cheesy animations, better fonts, a drunk but passionate Jason.

Given the responses i got from people, I feel much better about the whole experience and like always, it was worth doing. I aim to evolve this with some more concrete examples, maybe some in-depth research (well, maybe not).


Possible design debate/writing themes

I have been getting involved with a few people eager to have some design debates this year. Part of the reason for this is that we feel that designers don’t debate enough. Partly due to their introspective nature I reckon, but what do you think?

Anyway, here are a few themes that I’d like to write/debate about in the coming months (NB, they are supposed to be contentious). Intention is to write here, on my company blog, in some press, but also do some debates at London Design Festival and the Battle of Ideas conference. Let me know which ones sound interesting to you:

  • Know your limitations –  why designers should scale back their ambitions for transformational change  and just stick to their relevant crafts and produce great solutions to the smaller problems in life
  • Ego vs empathy –  why the balance has to be sought, the move away from expertise in design to collaboration and user-centred techniques, originator vs facilitator.
  • Service design – emperor’s new clothes: why service design is no different from ucd (or good design even), why people are jumping on the band wagon (bad wagon!)
  • The move from product to service and servicable – hire or rent of appliances, fix yourself, get someone to fix, why we need to avoid replacement of our products
  • A world transformed by digital –  more power, self-organising, more participation, more flexibility create, less time, too much information – how digital thinking is coming into our analogue world
  • Function, form, fit – how the three fs must play together to create quality products and services 
  • Change through action not spoken ideas –  the power of the designer to provoke debate with artifacts and tangible representations of what could be, and why we need to get our ideas out there more in this way
  • Snoozability – why stressing usuability is so passé, it needs to be part of the mix so we can all move on and focus on informing the right solution in the first place
  • Brand Britain – A nation of naysayers: how the pessamistic default attitude limits our happiness, our progression and our well being in this nation
  • Should politics be in or outside design? – why designers should stick to their craft and not worry about issues and matters they can’t comprehend